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Monthly Archives: July 2012

Sneaky Peek

By Renu Sharma

Run Fast, Run Free

Quick post to say hi before I leave again. Two birthdays, a plumbing disaster, a bouncy castle fiasco, and a first round of edits later, and I can safely say it’s been a crazy week. 😀

I had an idea for Taken’s cover, so I’m waiting to hear back from an artist if it’s even possible, but I really hope so. The editor didn’t weep or throw a fit at the state Taken was in, so we’re still on track for that. I haven’t worked a whole lot on Purity or Taste, but we’re not this busy every week.

Oh, and Adversity is finally free on Amazon US. The others are still taking a while, and I know there are still problems with iTunes and B&N, but according to Smashwords, it will all be sorted out soon enough. Hopefully in time for Taken. 🙂

Also, I’ve been considering serialising a short novel on my blog, just so I can schedule something regular. Bad/good idea? Anyone think of problems that might pop up? I keep hesitating, and I’m not sure why…

And finally, we’ve discovered a small bit of internet access – slow, slow, slow – so I won’t be completely off the map in future. (But my replies may post half a dozen times). 😉

The Country Girl

Back in Dublin to send Taken to the editor. Box ticked btw. Take that, WIP! (And thanks, betas. You all rock!)

Things I’ve learned in the new place.

  1. Everyone on the same stretch of road as us shares the exact same address – yet the postman knew exactly where to send the last tenant’s post, my post, and my OH’s post this week. Secret super power. *Nods*
  2. Our stretch of road is the only place in the village (I keep saying village in a Welsh accent) without broadband.
  3. The water is gank. Stupid iron. Even the filtered water is awful. No more nice green tea for me. 😦 I came home and had about three massive cups in a row just to make up for the disappointment.
  4. Never lie on the grass if you don’t like insects crawling down your top.
  5. Five minutes down the road in a rural place is not equal to five minutes down the road in Dublin city. Not even close.
  6. Everyone knows your car doesn’t belong there. People think it’s weird if you stay home all day, especially if you. Can’t. Even. Drive. *Shocked Eyes* I think I’m going to be the eccentric one in the village. Score! 😀
  7. School starts a half hour later than in Dublin. Yay!
  8. I can’t play football in a pair of converse without them flying off. Leaving them off is probably not the solution (see number 4 for a clue). Nor is letting the big dog play. Her head + my knees = crippling pain.
  9. Hurling is king. *Hides football*
  10. I am not a country girl. 🙂

The kids have learned what sunburn is. Even if they were convinced that the sunburn victim’s pink arm was caused by a bluebottle landing on him. They remain suspicious. My sun-cream obsession has now worsened. 🙂

Hanging around for a few days to get some bizniz done then I’m heading off again.

Popping In For A Cuppa & A Chat

I’m back in Internet land until tomorrow (although I’ll be back again later in the week when I have to send Taken off to the editor), so I thought I should update here while I have a cup of tea.

So… now it’s looking as though I won’t have regular Internet access for the next year. *Cue hysterical laughter* I can occasionally access my email, facebook, etc. on my phone in the new place, but it’s sooooo slooooow and entirely unreliable. I’m mostly bothered about losing my reliance on Dropbox – I’m not the world’s greatest backer-uppererererrr.

We haven’t actually moved yet, but here’s our new view. Yeah, hello there, Irish summer. The view we’re leaving behind is of a couple of blocks of flats, so it’s kind of an adjustment.

See? That’s a big fecker of a field out behind our garden. There are a lot of them around. 😀

My brother has me terrified that this one will get mistaken for a fox by a farmer…

And this one is so not appreciating the move.

Look at the stress on her face. 😀

Anyway, I might write some blog posts and schedule them whenever I have Internet access. Hopefully, I’ll be able to keep in touch via Twitter or Facebook, but I can no longer guarantee quick responses. On the upside, no net equals less distractions, so maybe I’ll get more stuff done. 🙂

ETA: Forgot to mention – Smashwords are running their annual Summer/Winter sale. Some of my books are taking part.