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Monthly Archives: June 2011

At the Close

Still with the computer woes so short post from me.  I hope everyone else did well, and best of luck to those who are taking part in round three.

‘Tis the end of ROW80 Round Two.  I keep feeling like it was a failure for me this time, but when I look back I actually finished things, and that’s always a big deal for a procrastinator like me.  I wish I had been around more, particularly on Twitter, but it seemed like everything imaginable got in the way this time.  I’m not sure if I’ll be back for round 3, mostly because my laptop froze and shut down five times in the making of this post.  🙂

In April, I released Verity.  In May, I released Taunt.  In June, I had a massive case of editing burnout and did bits and pieces here and there, like outlining-ish, formatting for print, and of course thinking.  Lots of thinking.  😀

If I take part in the next round, I will be first drafting.  But the school holidays is probably a bad time for goals, so we’ll see how it goes.  I’ll try to pop around to everyone, but the freezing thing gets annoying fast.  If I’m not around much, I hope everyone has a great summer and stays well.  🙂

Along the Way

Progress:  Oodles of thinking.  😛  Visit the gang here.

I’m enjoying my break.  Except I’ve lost my voice.  My OH doesn’t have to look so happy about it.  😀 

My laptop is barely working, and I don’t trust it enough to work on it.  I don’t know if I’ll be able to get it repaired, and I can’t afford a new one, but I have an old netbook that needs new buttons.  I hate typing on it, but it’ll do until I can afford to pay for a replacement.  Anyway, my new goal for the rest of ROW80 is to format a document for print.  Somewhere.  Somehow.  🙂

Thirst is freeeeeee on Amazon UK.  I think it peaked at #21. 

I did an interview with Morgan from Smitten with Books this week.  The blog is purty, so check it out.

I’ve had a great week, hope you all are doing well.


Very little progress.  Click on for a more writerly bunch.

This is another ramble, move along quietly.  😀

I’m writing this in the early hours because there is actual silence in the house.  Everyone’s asleep.  It’s kind of eerie.  Not much tangible progress for me.  I am taking a writing break for a while.  I mean it this time.  😀  I had a dream last night that I was stuck in a room with Jillian Michaels during a zombie invasion, and she was giving me shit for only losing 11lbs when we had no food supply.  I’m starting to worry about my mental health.  :O

No, seriously, I have a love/hate relationship with a lot of things: broccoli, fugly yellow nail varnish, high heels, and most of all, writing.  I might have fallen over the line onto to the hate side lately.

On a basic level, I love writing—obviously I love and enjoy a lot of things, but I’m passionate about writing (just not all the other stuff that tags along with it), and I know that doesn’t come across to most people because I’m not confident about it.  I don’t talk about it much, except to my OH, but he already thinks I rock so I can be myself around him.  😉 

I come from a culture that plays down everything.  Confidence tends to be seen as arrogance, and it’s hard for me to get into that whole creating a buzz thing, and apparently that seems like I don’t care.  People seem so comfortable talking about themselves and their books (basically acting normal—sigh), but I tend to do the complete opposite and shy away—even bios tear my soul in two, and lets not talk about blurbs which are basically long-winded versions of ‘my book rocks, go buy it’.  The expectations and constant ‘this is what you must do’ wears me down.  It would be nice to take away the pressure and do whatever I feel like for a bit.  No editing or acting all professional.  *Snort*

Side note:  I recently read that y/a writers have an obligation to their younger readers to behave in a certain way.  I’m now terrified to swear on my own blog.  🙂

Anyway, my OH won’t be around next week, and my laptop is having serious technical difficulties (hence the late post, and lack of blog hopping because I cannot get into my feedreader), so I’m taking the hint and taking a break from “work” this summer.  But only because I want to shake loose all the “extra” crap and get back to what I really love to do.  Write the story that’s in my head and not worry about anything else for a while.  Maybe I’ll blog a bit more.  There is obviously not enough sneaky sarcasm in the blogiverse.  Maybe I’ll make a stealthy return to Twitter or Facebook.  Maybe I’ll even start adding people I actually know as friends.  😉

I would enjoy the sun, but since our heatwave from last weekend, we’ve had hail, rain, and even thunder.  Awesome.  I love thunderstorms, just , you know, not in the middle of June.

Two of my kids had ear infections this week.  Two.  Someone’s messing with me, I swear.  🙂  Five kids, almost seven years of motherhood, and we managed to avoid ear infections completely until this year.  My six-year-old was like something out of the Exorcist.  The vomiting, sweet Jesus, the vomiting.  And explaining to a two-year-old that it takes medicine a while to kick in is not pretty.  Explaining to the healthy kids why the sick kids couldn’t play when the others felt just fine was the definition of head-melting.  So.  Many.  Questions.

Lots on next week.  Too many appointments, I already feel like I’m forgetting something.  I have to book an eye exam too.  I need glasses, or new eyeballs.  :/  I can’t explain how sad this makes me.  I can’t even wear sunglasses for five seconds without feeling immensely irritated.  I’m already cringing at the thought of how many pairs of glasses I’ll actually go through.  Hello, five small kids.  I can’t go near contacts because eye-touching freaks me out, and I’d probably manage to lose them in my eyes.  I’m so optimistic, I should be spat on.

Instead, I’ll watch videos like this, cry, and count my blessings. *Is a sucker*  Have an especially delicious weekend lads and ladies.

Cloudy with a Chance of Rain

Got quite a bit of plotting done; I know, it shocked me too.  🙂  Clicky here for lots of lurvely peoplez.


After a bit of a stonking heatwave, we’re back with the clouds.  Sorry, honeymooners.  😦

I finally decided which WIP I’m going to focus on (Tempt).  I realised I knew exactly what was going to happen but not the exact order of events.  It’s the third book, and I’ve two biggish storylines working in parallel that need to be melded at an important point.  Plus, there’s a lot of tie-ups to do, while still leaving a nice little trail of acorns for the following book.  Sequels are hard.  It’s a lot for me to juggle at this point, so I figured a fair amount of plotting was in order.  Hopefully, that was the right decision for a pantser like me.  🙂

I went to pen and paper yesterday, and I eventually had to give up because my hand was so sore from writing.  It was great to feel like I got a lot done though.  I only took a break to watch this dude win BGT.  I actually dislike BGT, but he was sooooo worth it.  This is Jai McDowall’s semi-final song.  *Love*

The Straggler

I don’t know what’s wrong with me; I keep forgetting about ROW80.  A little worldbuilding and outlining on my part since my last check-in.  Find out what everyone else is up to here.


I really should be working on a sequel.  Any sequel.  But I’m not.  New shinies all the way.  😀  I’m hoping to finish a first draft this month, but I’m really distracted by, um, everything, so who knows.  I’ve spent so much time editing this round that I can’t focus on one single idea now because they’re all fighting to burst through.  Not the worst complaint to have.

Some randomness:  Prodigal cat still hasn’t returned.   My two eldest children are going to start playing football next week.  It’s for kids aged 3 to 6, and if that won’t be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen then I don’t know what is.  My eldest boy lost another tooth, so he’s all cute and lispy and gummy.  My youngest girl is getting some new teeth, and the middle three are terrifyingly bratty.  If you ever want to scare the bejaysus out of your teen, send them to my house for a weekend.  The trauma should last until their early thirties at the very least.

I’ve written and deleted multiple blog postings lately which leads me to think that maybe it’s time for a major break from blogging.  I’ve cut back on online time all round, even my lurking.  🙂  As much as I’d like to keep in touch with the world on blogs, facebook, twitter & forums, I always feel like I’m the little straggler trying to keep up and never quite making it.  I’m not sure yet if I’ll be taking part in the next round of ROW80 because it takes up quite a bit of time between the blogging and commenting—not to mention the guilt when I don’t do either.  😉