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Death is a Gift Update

Death is a Gift should be available on Kobo, Smashwords, & Amazon next Friday/Saturday. Elsewhere will probably take another two weeks or so. It’ll be at a sale price of 99c for a few weeks (I’ll wait until it’s available on B&N and the iBookstore before raising the price), but then it’ll be priced at $3.99.

I despise labels, but I will probably have to put this one into the category of y/a paranormal romance. Like Stake You, this was something I did on the side for fun last year. (DIAG has less of the action and violence and more of the relationships and angst – sorry!) I think I started the story last Spring. I know that I was living in Dublin still, and I wanted a change of scene, so I set this book in a fictional rural area of the south-east of Ireland. I ended up moving to the south-east months later (although not as far out), but that was purely coincidental. 🙂

DIAG, otherwise known as that bloody banshee story, is the longest story I’ve written to date, and it started because I needed something other than series stuff to work on. (Also, I went through a stage of wanting to practice happier endings before I wrote the end of both series. Don’t laugh. Seriously, you should have seen the original ending to the Ava Delaney series. 😛 )

I know it’s annoying when you’re waiting on the next in a series and a writer seems to be doing anything but working on it, (hey there, George!) but sometimes you need to refresh your mind in between books, and I thought DIAG would be closer to a novella. I was very wrong. (But I enjoyed writing it, so I can’t complain. I hated editing it though, so complaining about that is still allowed, obviously. 😉 ).

Banshees feature strongly in this novel, but they are a different variation to the ones in my faery stuff (which I will finish this year, I swear). And the story is more about the acceptance of death than power and magic, in my opinion. Last year, I worked on maybe four books that featured death as a central theme, so I was obviously working through some issues. 🙂

I didn’t make a song playlist for this one. There are a couple of obvious references to songs in the story (I reference things I like in every novel), but aside from those, I can’t remember listening to very many songs/artists on repeat. The Cure and The Smiths, maybe. A little Echo & The Bunnymen. Jeff Buckley always. Nobody cares but me. 😉

I’m not sure if this book will work for people who like my other stuff, but I’ve had a better response to this so far than anything else I’ve written, so I decided to publish it. A blurb is below – obviously, blurbs are not my strong point. 😛

Clíona Desmond wants a normal life, but when your family motto is “Death is a Gift”, what you want isn’t always possible. The death of her banshee aunt forces Clíona into a world she barely recognises, a world she’s dreaded since the night her aunt came to take her father away. Her mother hates banshees, but the only possibility of escape is remote and involves a love more powerful than a banshee’s calling. Except Clíona’s already in love with somebody who could never love her back, somebody who has a good reason to hate a banshee, and her responsibilities ring loud and clear, no matter how hard her loved ones try to pull her back to her old life. Going against the banshee code can have tragic consequences, but it’s hard for an eighteen-year-old to say goodbye to all of her hopes and dreams. The biggest lesson left to learn is which is more powerful – love or death?

And here’s the cover if you haven’t seen it. Artist is Renu Sharma/DarkRayne, model is MariaAmanda.

Death is a Gift

Right. Back to Traitor. Editor’s expecting it in two(!) weeks. Have a great week all.


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  1. This sounds like a fascinating story. I look forward to it!

  2. Faith Thornton

    It sounds so cool looking foward to reading it

  3. I just finished DIAG. I wasn’t sure how I was gonna feel going on to it just because I wasn’t sure what exactly it was going to be. Luckily for me, you have my total loyalty and I will take the time to read anything you take the time to write. I loved this story. As usual there were moments I wanted to grab your main characters and shake the stubborn out of them. But I’m admittedly a sucker for a happy ending. It was definitely a bit different than your other stuff but that’s what I love about your stories. They are all very different but still have major things in common that I don’t always see in the books I read. (Your heroines aren’t so busy being doe eyed they can’t think for themselves, and your vampires definitely do NOT sparkle lol) So again, thanks for another great book to add to my collection! I look forward to reading more from you

    • *Big sigh of relief* 😉

      Thanks so much, Kate! That story just did what it wanted no matter what I tried to do with it, so I just let it be in the end. Thanks for giving it a try, and I appreciate waking up to such a lovely comment. I did prepare myself for bad reactions – I know not every book is for everyone – but knowing somebody liked it makes it worth the time I put into it. 😀

  4. So I just finished reading DIAG, and must say I am in love with it! You are an amazing writer! Growing up I hated reading because nothing ever interested me. So I thought it was funny when my parents got me a kindle for Christmas last year. Well needless to say I picked up on your Ava Delaney series rather quickly, and within a two day period I had all of them read that were currently out! My husband would actually make me put them down so that I could carry on a conversation with him. Lol I’m hoping my daughter will soon get into reading your books and get just as much enjoyment out of them as I have! Thank you so much for this book as well as all the others, and I can’t wait to read more from you soon. 🙂

    • Thanks, Nicole! My OH doesn’t even try to make conversation with me when I’m reading these days. 😉

      I’m delighted you enjoyed DIAG. I’ve had a lot of people tell me that they enjoy reading now, but hated it before, and I think it must be because writing styles have changed over the years. Whatever it is, I’m glad people are finding stuff they like.

      Thanks for the comment. 😀


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