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Monthly Archives: May 2011

Return of the Mack

It’s been three weeks since I last updated for ROW80.  Hope you’re all cracking on.  It’s going to take me ages to check up on this lot.  🙂

I meant to update last week, but I got caught up in the news—I have zero faith in humanity this month. 

Between the massively hyped up visits by the Queen and Obama, my corner of the world has gone into lockdown.  Seriously, world leaders and figureheads, if you have to visit us, please don’t go near my home.  We don’t want to carry ID while getting the milk in the corner shop, and sleep is kinda hard with all of those helicopters spotlighting the entire street.  My parcels are probably not bombs, I’d like them back now.  Kthxbai. 

My cat has gone missing, and attempts to call him (and entice him with treats) result in me being swarmed by stray/neighbouring cats.  Just call me the Cat Whisperer.  My hesitance to break the bad news to the children was unwarranted.  “Does this mean we can get a bird?”

Despite my children’s impressively coordinated attempts at distracting me, I have been working.  Last time I updated for ROW80, I think I said I was going to work on editing until it was done.  I got through it, sent it out for editing, and finally, finally, Taunt is live. 

Now I’m tired.  By the way, if you’re looking for an editor, I recommend booking a slot with Lynn O’Dell (Red Adept) before I snap up all the empties.  Just sayin’.  😀

I’m not sure what my goals are for the rest of this round of ROW80.  I’d quite like to stop having such crazy vivid dreams, so full on first drafting might be in store.  I have a couple of short pieces that I’d like to finish this month, then in June I will either work on the sequel to Taunt or Verity.  Or else get rid of the contemporary Y/A novel that’s been driving me mad since last year.  I’ll aim for 10k a week again.  Just for kicks.  😉


Check-in:  Nowt to report.  Follow the rest of the Sunday scribes here.


April was a bust as far as plans go.  I’m not worried or upset; I let a wall stand in the way for too long and learning when to bypass something is important too.  An earlier editing slot has opened up so I’m going to have to bite the bullet and go back to what I struggled with last month.  Don’t expect to see me much for the next two weeks.  I hate disappearing but I really need to knuckle down and get through the editing.

It’s hard to face something you find difficult, but it’s harder to give up writing.  Apparently.  Lauralynn Elliott recently used the phrase “why shouldn’t you?” in the comment section and, well, it’s been repeating itself in my head quite a bit whenever I think I probably shouldn’t do something.  Thanks Lauralynn.  😀

I have a permanently open virtual sticky note in the upper right hand corner that lists the big things I need to work on.  I tend to waste a lot of time sitting around wondering what I should do next so it’s kind of handy having that list right there.  Start on the first and if it’s not working out move on to the next item.  It’s purple so I can’t hate it.  😉

My main goal for May is to prepare Taunt.  Drafting goal is to finish a novella I’ve been writing on the side.  It should take another two full chapters so I expect to complete it this month too. I’m not setting a word count goal yet. 

Hope you’re all safe and well.  Tomorrow is another zoo day so obviously I’ve already succumbed to madness.  🙂