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Cursed Series – Other Info & FAQ

This page is mainly for questions on this series. Feel free to ask in the comments section or by email, and I’ll slowly update this page with all of the necessary information.

*May include spoilers*

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  1. Do you think you will ever write more in the series? Even some special chapters or anything? 😀 Oh and is there any chance this will become a movie, because that would be.freaking.amazing and I would pay for it if I had the money. :3

    • I completely forgot I made this page, whoops!

      I don’t know if there’s enough of a story to devote the time to (or if I’ll still have the interest when *I* have the time), but I would really like to write Jakob & Lia & Vin’s story. I enjoyed working on it for Cursed, so it would be nice to actually use all of the storylines I’ve already put down. I’d also like to go a little further in the future. When babies start coming along, and Amelia’s ready to settle down with a mate, and some older wolves want revenge and use the younger wolves to do it, things could get a little crazy. The thing about having such an expanded pack is that there are so many characters with stories to tell. So, um, yeah, I would like to write more.

      I haven’t sold any rights, and I don’t think the series is popular enough to garner interest, but it would be cool if a film could be made in Ireland. 🙂


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