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Taste is now up on B&N and the iBookstore for those wondering.

Since I last posted, I turned 30. I think my eldest was a little disappointed that I don’t actually need a zimmerframe. The kids are on their holidays, so he decided he needed a break from his siblings and went to stay with family. Before he came back, I went to Dublin to stay for a long weekend so I didn’t see him for a whole week.

This is what I did see. All weekend long. Every time I opened my eyes in the middle of the night in particular. Which is unimaginably creepy.

It spies:


It expresses shock at my appearance:


What does your face taste like?


My partner and all of the kids drove to pick me up, but the car broke down on the motorway, leaving everyone stranded. The transport that the insurance company sent out would have brought himself and the kids anywhere, but if they went home, they would have been stuck without a car. If they didn’t, the dogs would have been alone too long. They ended up in Kildare, where I got a lift to, and we got a lend of a car so that some of us could go home. (We need to make friends with people who own seven-seaters). For a while there, it seemed like the family would never be together again. 🙂 Stupid car is going to cost more in repairs this year than we paid for it last year.

We’re all home now (yay), and the kids are back to their normal selves (um…), and things like this have been happening:

Trying to get the two-year-old to sleep yesterday-

Her – (jumping up and down on the bed) Dad! I’m Spiderman!

Dad – Who are you?

Her – Spiderman! (sings) Spiderman, Spiderman, hurry up, Spiderman

Dad – Well, then I’m the blue ranger.

Her – (stops jumping) You’re the blue ranger? (Shouts) Mom! Are you the bad guy?

Yeah, pretty much.

Trying to get the two-year-old to sleep tonight-

Her – Mom, I love you so much. Love you, Mom. Love you. (Petting my face). Aw, you’re so cute.

Me – pretending to be asleep and trying not to laugh.

Her – Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom! That’s it. I’m not playing with you any more. (Stomps around the room in a huff).

Me – It’s bedtime. Go to sleep.

Her – No! I’m the good guy!

How am I supposed to argue with this?

Kids in the kitchen dancing to Mr. Bungle while I have a coffee-

Twins – (Ignoring everyone while they have a weird martial arts/slow motion themed dance-off).

8-yr-old – (Points and laughs at 6-yr-old who recently lost her two front teeth). Ha, you look like a vampire now.

6-yr-old – Yeah, well, if I’m a vampire, I’ll bite your neck off.

8-yr-old – And if you’re a vampire, I’ll just become a slayer and defeat you.

2-yr-old – (Crawls over to 6-yr-old wearing just a nappy and wellies and crying Mama, Mama).

6-yr-old – (Cuddles 2-yr-old) Aw, it’s okay my little vampire baby. I won’t let him defeat me.

8-yr-old – (Practically wees himself laughing).

6-yr-old – (Frowning). Don’t laugh at me! Get him, vampire baby!

2-yr-old – (Growls and crawls over to 8-yr-old) Pika-Pika-CHU!

8-yr-old – (Laughs so much, he gets his arse kicked by a baby vampire pokemon).

Twins – (Become ninja slayers and destroy everyone until another song they like comes on).

It’s great to be back home. 🙂

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  1. Oh, what fun! I’m glad everyone got back home. I miss having little kids. 😦

    Um…what’s a zimmerframe?

    • I just googled, and I think you call it a walker?

      Yeah, they’re growing up so fast that I’m really going to miss these days. My mother never wanted grandchildren, but I’m definitely going to be one of those mothers who pester their kids for babies. Lol.

      • Yes! A walker! 🙂

        My youngest son is about to marry a girl who has a two-year-old daughter. He has pretty much raised this little girl along with her because they started dating when she was pregnant. So the little girl has been like a granddaughter to me, and I LOVE it. She calls me “Mimi”. 🙂 Now, if I can just convince my oldest son and his wife that it’s time for THEM to have children….

  2. My kindle broke down right after I hit 50% on Taste!!!!!! I’m dying.
    Hahahahaha! thats the new normal with a house full of children.


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