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Verity – Cursed #1

Young Adult Paranormal Romance

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22 responses »

  1. when will book 2 come out!

  2. Jennifer Nunez

    I absolutely love the book. Couldn’t put it down and can’t wait for the second. Thank you.

  3. How many books will there be?

  4. Loved the book! Perdita is a great heroine, both believable and spirited. Thanks so much for writing it. I look forward to the next one!

  5. If i can i think nathan should be a little more jeluse but not to the point where he fights the othere guy. Maybe she could be geting calls from this guy that she used to like or something i dont know just work your magic

  6. Okay what’s the next book and when can I buy it?!!

    • Hi Kimberly, the next book is called Clarity. I’m not absolutely sure when it will be ready. I was hoping before Christmas but life has gotten hella busy, so I don’t think I’ll make it in time. If not, it will be out early 2012.

  7. I loved Verity. I’m happy that it is available in Paperback, because I live in Belgium and haven’t got a kindle :-). I’m looking forward to buying book 2 and 3. I hope they will be available soon!

  8. loved your book! The characters were well-written, the story line sucked the reader in and i read it in one sitting! keep writing because youre great at it! just wanted to encourage you! can’t wait for book two!

  9. Loved the book, couldn’t put it down. Thank you for writing it!!

  10. When is the 2nd book coming out


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