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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Another Move

I’m moving my blog elsewhere. I’ll redirect this one soon-ish, but if you want to change feeds or links, check out the new blog here. It’s not very pretty, but it’ll do for now. (I spent so much time on this and then changed template in a fit of frustration. Go me, as always). I still need to set up blogrolls and stuff (but right now I’ve had enough of messing about in things I don’t have the patience for). There may be some hiccups. (Why? Hey, you must be new here).

I’ve been discussing the idea of somebody else setting up a Facebook page for my books (because I don’t have time, and also my extreme social lameness) so people don’t have to friend me or whatever, but I don’t know for sure if that will pan out. Eventually, there might even be an actual website… O_O

Can anyone recommend a formatter for Createspace? (Yet another thing I don’t have patience for). And does anyone have a good alternative to googlereader?