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Taunt – Ava Delaney #2

Ava’s haunted by everything that has happened and would like nothing better than to move on.  Pity nobody will let her.  Her new job pushes her to her limits, both physically and morally.  Maximus’s coven has been taken over by someone bigger and badder, someone who will do anything to provoke Ava.  She finally comes up against the Council, her world expands, and the only thing more complicated than her unfinished business with Peter and Eddie is the truth of her heritage.

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  1. Christi Gaines

    Will there be a Ava Delaney #3? I’m hoping so…loved the first two.

  2. When might the next book be coming out anytime soon

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  4. I was wondering when the next book will be out. How many books do you think will be in the series.


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