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Another Move

I’m moving my blog elsewhere. I’ll redirect this one soon-ish, but if you want to change feeds or links, check out the new blog here. It’s not very pretty, but it’ll do for now. (I spent so much time on this and then changed template in a fit of frustration. Go me, as always). I still need to set up blogrolls and stuff (but right now I’ve had enough of messing about in things I don’t have the patience for). There may be some hiccups. (Why? Hey, you must be new here).

I’ve been discussing the idea of somebody else setting up a Facebook page for my books (because I don’t have time, and also my extreme social lameness) so people don’t have to friend me or whatever, but I don’t know for sure if that will pan out. Eventually, there might even be an actual website… O_O

Can anyone recommend a formatter for Createspace? (Yet another thing I don’t have patience for). And does anyone have a good alternative to googlereader?

Quicker Than Quick


Currently watching my two-year-old trying to pin up her hair with a peg. o_O

Anyway, just a quick post. Death is a Gift is now available on B&N, Kobo, and the various iBookstores, so I’ll leave the sale price as is until next weekend. (Although, it could take a week for the price to actually change everywhere).

Sent Traitor off to my editor which ends what seemed like a never-ending deadline of deadlines this year. Never again will I arrange such a long schedule of non-stop editing. That way lies madness, and my brain is tired.

In good news: our car is back and fixed and running and working and not breaking down in the middle of motorways. And it wasn’t as expensive as first predicted which is just… thank you, good karma, I’ve missed you.

In great news: April 2013, the Farrell Family’s Unluckiest Month Ever is almost over. (That does not count as jinxing myself, universe).

In better news: Game. Of. Thrones. (Tomorrow).

In best news: New baby in the family! (Was going to make a kidnapping joke, but if people keep taking me so seriously, I’m going to get myself arrested, and the weird internet history on my laptop probably won’t help. At all).

Okay, so it was a quick post for me. Have a great week!

New Release – Sale

Hey all,

Death is a Gift is now available on Smashwords, and Amazon (US, UK, CA, etc.). Other retailers will likely take up to two weeks to update, but if you don’t want to wait, Smashwords provides all file formats. The price is 99c for a short time. (I’ll wait until the book reaches all retailers before upping the price).

Verity is now free on the iBookstore, Amazon, Kobo, and Smashwords and should be free on all other retailers soon.

I think that’s all – I’m half-asleep. Have a great weekend; I’ll probably be in hermit mode for another week at least.


Death is a Gift Update

Death is a Gift should be available on Kobo, Smashwords, & Amazon next Friday/Saturday. Elsewhere will probably take another two weeks or so. It’ll be at a sale price of 99c for a few weeks (I’ll wait until it’s available on B&N and the iBookstore before raising the price), but then it’ll be priced at $3.99.

I despise labels, but I will probably have to put this one into the category of y/a paranormal romance. Like Stake You, this was something I did on the side for fun last year. (DIAG has less of the action and violence and more of the relationships and angst – sorry!) I think I started the story last Spring. I know that I was living in Dublin still, and I wanted a change of scene, so I set this book in a fictional rural area of the south-east of Ireland. I ended up moving to the south-east months later (although not as far out), but that was purely coincidental. 🙂

DIAG, otherwise known as that bloody banshee story, is the longest story I’ve written to date, and it started because I needed something other than series stuff to work on. (Also, I went through a stage of wanting to practice happier endings before I wrote the end of both series. Don’t laugh. Seriously, you should have seen the original ending to the Ava Delaney series. 😛 )

I know it’s annoying when you’re waiting on the next in a series and a writer seems to be doing anything but working on it, (hey there, George!) but sometimes you need to refresh your mind in between books, and I thought DIAG would be closer to a novella. I was very wrong. (But I enjoyed writing it, so I can’t complain. I hated editing it though, so complaining about that is still allowed, obviously. 😉 ).

Banshees feature strongly in this novel, but they are a different variation to the ones in my faery stuff (which I will finish this year, I swear). And the story is more about the acceptance of death than power and magic, in my opinion. Last year, I worked on maybe four books that featured death as a central theme, so I was obviously working through some issues. 🙂

I didn’t make a song playlist for this one. There are a couple of obvious references to songs in the story (I reference things I like in every novel), but aside from those, I can’t remember listening to very many songs/artists on repeat. The Cure and The Smiths, maybe. A little Echo & The Bunnymen. Jeff Buckley always. Nobody cares but me. 😉

I’m not sure if this book will work for people who like my other stuff, but I’ve had a better response to this so far than anything else I’ve written, so I decided to publish it. A blurb is below – obviously, blurbs are not my strong point. 😛

Clíona Desmond wants a normal life, but when your family motto is “Death is a Gift”, what you want isn’t always possible. The death of her banshee aunt forces Clíona into a world she barely recognises, a world she’s dreaded since the night her aunt came to take her father away. Her mother hates banshees, but the only possibility of escape is remote and involves a love more powerful than a banshee’s calling. Except Clíona’s already in love with somebody who could never love her back, somebody who has a good reason to hate a banshee, and her responsibilities ring loud and clear, no matter how hard her loved ones try to pull her back to her old life. Going against the banshee code can have tragic consequences, but it’s hard for an eighteen-year-old to say goodbye to all of her hopes and dreams. The biggest lesson left to learn is which is more powerful – love or death?

And here’s the cover if you haven’t seen it. Artist is Renu Sharma/DarkRayne, model is MariaAmanda.

Death is a Gift

Right. Back to Traitor. Editor’s expecting it in two(!) weeks. Have a great week all.


World of Weird

Taste is now up on B&N and the iBookstore for those wondering.

Since I last posted, I turned 30. I think my eldest was a little disappointed that I don’t actually need a zimmerframe. The kids are on their holidays, so he decided he needed a break from his siblings and went to stay with family. Before he came back, I went to Dublin to stay for a long weekend so I didn’t see him for a whole week.

This is what I did see. All weekend long. Every time I opened my eyes in the middle of the night in particular. Which is unimaginably creepy.

It spies:


It expresses shock at my appearance:


What does your face taste like?


My partner and all of the kids drove to pick me up, but the car broke down on the motorway, leaving everyone stranded. The transport that the insurance company sent out would have brought himself and the kids anywhere, but if they went home, they would have been stuck without a car. If they didn’t, the dogs would have been alone too long. They ended up in Kildare, where I got a lift to, and we got a lend of a car so that some of us could go home. (We need to make friends with people who own seven-seaters). For a while there, it seemed like the family would never be together again. 🙂 Stupid car is going to cost more in repairs this year than we paid for it last year.

We’re all home now (yay), and the kids are back to their normal selves (um…), and things like this have been happening:

Trying to get the two-year-old to sleep yesterday-

Her – (jumping up and down on the bed) Dad! I’m Spiderman!

Dad – Who are you?

Her – Spiderman! (sings) Spiderman, Spiderman, hurry up, Spiderman

Dad – Well, then I’m the blue ranger.

Her – (stops jumping) You’re the blue ranger? (Shouts) Mom! Are you the bad guy?

Yeah, pretty much.

Trying to get the two-year-old to sleep tonight-

Her – Mom, I love you so much. Love you, Mom. Love you. (Petting my face). Aw, you’re so cute.

Me – pretending to be asleep and trying not to laugh.

Her – Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom! That’s it. I’m not playing with you any more. (Stomps around the room in a huff).

Me – It’s bedtime. Go to sleep.

Her – No! I’m the good guy!

How am I supposed to argue with this?

Kids in the kitchen dancing to Mr. Bungle while I have a coffee-

Twins – (Ignoring everyone while they have a weird martial arts/slow motion themed dance-off).

8-yr-old – (Points and laughs at 6-yr-old who recently lost her two front teeth). Ha, you look like a vampire now.

6-yr-old – Yeah, well, if I’m a vampire, I’ll bite your neck off.

8-yr-old – And if you’re a vampire, I’ll just become a slayer and defeat you.

2-yr-old – (Crawls over to 6-yr-old wearing just a nappy and wellies and crying Mama, Mama).

6-yr-old – (Cuddles 2-yr-old) Aw, it’s okay my little vampire baby. I won’t let him defeat me.

8-yr-old – (Practically wees himself laughing).

6-yr-old – (Frowning). Don’t laugh at me! Get him, vampire baby!

2-yr-old – (Growls and crawls over to 8-yr-old) Pika-Pika-CHU!

8-yr-old – (Laughs so much, he gets his arse kicked by a baby vampire pokemon).

Twins – (Become ninja slayers and destroy everyone until another song they like comes on).

It’s great to be back home. 🙂

Taste (Ava Delaney #5) Release

Have a great Paddy’s Day/weekend all! My nails will be green, but that’s about as crazy as it’ll get here because I’ll be working all weekend. 🙂

I get panicky whenever I click Publish because something always seems to go wrong, but everything’s gone smoothly so far (I probably just jinxed myself…)

Taste is available to purchase on Kobo, Smashwords, Amazon US, UK, CA, etc. Other retailers take approximately two weeks longer.

The final book in the series is due for release around June 2013.



A Day In The Life

Before I forget, a couple of people have told me they emailed me recently, but I didn’t receive the email – don’t know what’s going on, but in case it isn’t coincidence, if I haven’t replied to something, please contact me again.

While I’m waiting on Taste, I’m supposed to be working on Traitor, but I haven’t been getting a lot of anything done. Kids are sick, one in particular has been really unwell, one of the dogs ate a lot of something she shouldn’t – the rest of the family have been paying the rather unpleasant price – and I fainted (on hard tile because I’m just that clever) and threw up last week (no, mother, I’m not pregnant 😛 ), so it hasn’t been the best working environment. 🙂

I’ve basically been surrounded by children and forced to watch the same two films over and over again. And listen to the Pitch Perfect soundtrack over and over and over and over again. (My profile must be really warped by now). And paint a million rainbow nails. Whenever any of the younger four walk into the room, I can guarantee they will ask for one of three things: Songs! (They’re as obsessive as I am about playing the same songs on repeat – not sure how/why this set became so popular in my house, but I’m not really complaining). Bruce Lee! (I know the twins are feeling okay when they’re stripping off their shirts and arguing over who’s going to be the baddie). Nail varnish! (Pretty sure the fact I spent Monday morning chasing children around with nail polish remover says something bad about my parenting skills).

My one completely non-sickling is obsessed with the Cups song. She’s trying to perfect the moves. I need to video her – cracks me up. I got an amazingly funny video of my two-year-old trying to sing Titanium. (She’s also started to say “Yes, sir, Mommy,” whenever I ask her to do anything, the little weirdo). And yes, yes I did have children for the sole purpose of entertaining me. 😀

It snowed yesterday, and one of the twins whipped out the Argos catalogue to make a list of presents he wants. Somebody tell Mother Nature that it’s March. (In Feb, the other twin informed he he had changed his mind about his Christmas presents, so I should call Santy for him and organise a swap for new stuff).

I still haven’t had the heart to go through and re-download new books onto the replacement Kindle, so I ended up rereading A Song of Ice and Fire. Am I the only one who rereads and still hopes for a different outcome? 😉 Frost Burned is (obviously) on my list of things to read next, but I’m holding off until I finish with Ava. Any non-urban fantasy recommendations?

Back to work. Probably. It’s taken me almost three hours to finish this blog post because of the interruptions. o_O