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Where the Pretty Boys Stalk

Check-in:  Some editing, some first drafting.  Expecting much the same for the rest of the week.  The other updates are here, as always.


Odd week all round.  The kids have gone insane.  Three have taken on a gang mentality – they’re winning.  😉 

I know I said publishing was off the table, but I kinda sorta uploaded Verity already.  I figured there was no point in it just sitting there on my laptop.  My logic astounds even me.  I’ve been reading quite a bit lately but had to set down the latest book because the love interest was the same mythological being that a certain main character of mine is – except I twisted the lore quite a bit to suit (me) the story.  I can’t read it while I’m still editing my story because it puts me off.  And judging by the trouble I’ve been having editing it (you’ve all witnessed my meltdowns), I’ll never finish it.  😀

Watched Shelter last night.  The one with Jonathan Rhys Meyers playing a multiple personality type character.  He is super creepy.  There’s something about him that sets me on edge, even when it’s not supposed to.  I mean, I even found him unsettling in Bend it Like Beckham.  If anyone should have become ridiculously famous for playing a stalkery vampire, it’s him.  I’m going to have to write an intense pretty character he could play, just in case hell freezes over and something I write makes it onscreen.  🙂

Hope you’re all having a great week!

Sunshine & Lollipops

Check-in:  Haven’t done much since the last check-in, haven’t hit the weekly word count.  Did some light editing yesterday.  Buzz over to the rest of the Sunday crowd here.


We’ve had sun.  In Ireland.  During the Easter holidays.  Like most people in Ireland this week, we’ve made the most of it because it will not last.  I am still hurting from our trip to Dublin Zoo.  Forget the gym, just spend the day in the zoo with five kids and you won’t be able to walk the next day.  You’ll also cry when those five kids won’t sleep any later than usual the next morning.  😀

I haven’t written since Wednesday, mostly because I am T.I.R.E.D.  Been reading quite a bit.  Made a book cover which is always fun in a frustrating sort of way.  Decided to crack out Verity and do a bit of random editing, still not sure why I suddenly got the urge considering I decided I was done with editing. 

Question:  I’ve been thinking about the pronunciation of Irish names.  As you do.  I’m curious if names like Niamh or Maeve are still seen as impossible to pronounce outside of Ireland?

Off to make sure the kids don’t kill each other in their sugar rush this morning – why everyone who knows them insists on buying easter eggs is beyond me.  Have a good ‘un.  🙂

Laid Bare

Check-in:  No editing.  Word count is on track.  Entire lack of stress.  Cheer on some more ROW80ers here.


I was on and saw this on one of Adele’s songs.  It’s a quote from an interview she did.  She says:

Making a record is like standing in the middle of Trafalgar Square naked, you let everyone see your good bits and bad bits. I don’t know what possesses me to do that, but I’m not good at anything else.

Sound familiar, writers?  🙂

Currently listening to:

Thanks Charlotte

Check-in:  I just give up on editing at this stage.  Did manage to hit my word count goal at the last minute though.  Also managed to lose my voice.  🙂  Support the rest of the crew here.


So, I had another editing related disaster.  *Laughs*  I wrote a huge post then decided I keep getting too personal and drifty so deleted it.  Clearly, I felt like crap at the last check-in so I managed to go shopping and found the perfect shirt and the perfect shorts (squee because I’ve been looking online for months) then I went home and started Jane Eyre (my book version of a comfort blanket) again and now I have returned to sanity and happiness.  I’ve put the editing aside and am first drafting again.  It makes me happy and ultimately if I’m not enjoying this then it isn’t worth it and as I’ve recently decided to go back to work instead of pursuing this, I’m going to enjoy the time I have left.  🙂

I watched the latest Harry Potter film.  ‘Bout time too!  For a HP film, it was better than I expected – and I got tears in my eyes at the same bits that made me tear up in the book and at an extra scene or two too.  But I honestly don’t know how people who haven’t read the books have a clue wtf is going on half the time in most of them.  I think if I was a writer whose book had been made into a series/film, I wouldn’t be able to watch it. 

Thought I’d share this song, seeing as my OH keeps insisting on singing it, only replacing the word she with Claire.  Hope you’re all having a great weekend!

The Best Medicine

Thanks for all the support (and limiting of laughter to quiet sniggering) during my recent little, okay, massively oversized melt-down.  The lovely Shari recently recommended laughter as good medicine for what ails me and the hockey hair team definitely helped so I pushed on and fell upon this gem. 

It’s mostly funny to me because in my primary school, a certain teacher had a serious problem with those she referred to as “dumb Americans” – she constantly told us anecdotes about how they (like, every single one of you all) couldn’t point to Ireland on a map, and *shock, horror* didn’t even know we have a language all of our very own.  She, and her holidaying companions, would speak as Gaeilge to baffle (and I suspect mock) poor unsuspecting folks from across the waters.  I think she was also the same teacher who was extremely anti-English.  Irish history took on a very biased slant in her class, put it that way.  Go, Irish education.  😉

If YouTube had been around close to two decades ago, I’m taking a guess that this video would have been that teacher’s proof.  🙂

For sake of balance, here’s an example (I may have posted this before) of the cream of the Irish crop.  Way more embarrassing than the first video.  Knobs.  So glad YouTube didn’t exist in my excessive drinking years.  😛

I might as well post this one too – gotta love me some ninja action.  😀

I know, I’m easy to amuse, please share the amusement, people.  🙂

How to Talk Yourself Down From the Ledge

Check-in:  Editing is happening.  Slowly.  Too stressed about editing to write.  Taunt’s still at 6k since Sunday.   Shake some pom-poms at the more successful ROW80ers right here.



Oh.  My.  Dayz.  You know when I started pulling out the zs that I’m being extra serious.  😉

I cannot function right now.  This editing bollox is driving me mad.  I have never worked this slow in my life and it is the most frustrating experience ever.  (I honestly don’t know how people who write one book every couple of years do it).  I literally can’t write the next book while I’m editing this crap because I can’t switch between the different headspaces easily.  Different characters and stories, yep, no bother.  The same character at different stages in their life/experiences and it is impossible for me.  So I decided to concentrate only on editing and get it out of the way.  It’s snail’s pace right now.   I hate it so much that I voluntarily filled out our census form (7 people’s worth) instead of editing. 

That says it all.

There’s just so much to remember.  I’ve to keep track of the major storyline of each book, the arc of the entire volume and then the over-reaching arc of the entire series.  That’s not counting the side-plots and foreshadowing and ever-expanding backstories.  This week I’ve done more note-taking on future books than I have on editing this one.  (I watched the latest Harry Potter film tonight and OMG, it just reminded of all the junk JK had to keep track of – why am I complaining?)

It.  Is.  Awful.

I don’t know what’s holding me back so much.  I don’t know if it’s the response to Thirst or simply that the draft of Taunt is so bad it can’t be salvaged.  If it’s the latter then OMFG shoot me.  Now, please.  I don’t know if it’s my frame of mind right now or if I’ve spent too much time in the same world/genre.  If I knew what was wrong I could fix it. 

So fooking frustrating!

I’m really behind on the editing plan and I’m dying to just write Tempt already.  Although I’m dreading the editing stages of that one.  I have a bad habit of putting too much humour in the first draft of the fluffy stuff.  Or so I’ve been told.  And I have a tendency to laugh out loud at my first drafts although that might not be quite the same thing.  😉  I have to go back and edit the humour out for a lot of reasons so my instinct is already to make life harder for myself.  If editing Tempt (that’s if I even get that far) is as bad as what I’m going through now then I might as well pack it in and take up photography or something. 

I can’t believe I typed that.  :O 

If I’m not awesomely great at something then my instinct is to give up and not try at all – and I’m bad at editing.  The fact I require so much editing probably doesn’t say anything good for my writing either.   I mean, look at my freaking blog posts.  Perfect examples.  Now imagine how much editing my drafts need.  Yeah, I know – scary.

I love writing, it’s just everything else I hate.   😀

So I’m not cut out for this.  So I’m trying to imagine giving it up and leaving it alone.  Um, not working.  I’m going through a bit of family guilt right now, because I’m putting so much time into something non-family related, but if I didn’t write, I wouldn’t be all there anyway.  Writing has kept me sane.  Well, almost.  🙂  When I’m not writing, I lose myself in my head so at least when I write it down, I can step away sometimes. 


If I give up, what exactly will I do?  How do you give up something that you feel like you have no control over, something that takes over all by itself?  I’m inviting this stress because I love the stories, I want to know what happens.  Does anything else really matter?  Well, yeah.  But.  If I could give up, wouldn’t I have done it by now?  Would I really still argue the point?  And so what if something isn’t working right now – that doesn’t mean it will never work.  I’ve always been all about learning the craft, improving, experimenting with new styles and ideas – and when I wrote non-fiction, I dreamed of writing fiction.  One of the best months of my life happened the first time I took part in NaNo. 

*Remembers the joy*

And finishing a story always feels crack-a-lacking.  Like you’ve achieved something, like all that effort was worth something.  I think I’d like to feel that again.  I think that might be worth all this ffs stress.  Tomorrow might be better.  I’ll get better.  It’ll get better.  Maybe the struggle is because of a bad chapter, too much splitting and merging and confusion.  Maybe the next chapter will be easier.  I won’t know if I don’t try.  There’s this episode of Biggest Loser and this chick says what if I go there and I can’t do it.  And her mother turns around and says, what if you go there and you can?  Or something like that.  So, feck it.  Failing is better than not trying; it’s better than not ever knowing what might have been.  I’ve always hated what ifs.

*Is back on track*

And that is how Claire talks herself down from the ledge.  Therapy might be quicker.  😉

Kick-Ass (Not Me, Obviously)

Check-in:  Failing miserably.  😀  I got up a bit yesterday but for most of the week I’ve avoided what I’m supposed to be doing.  Next week will be better.  Check out the fabulousness of the other ROW80ers here.

While I was sick and/or procrastinating, I wasted my hours on Youtube watching videos like this:

Best game ever.  Although Flimbo’s Quest came close.  😀

I also watched a few films (when I wasn’t poncing about with the fascinating joy that is crackle/shatter nail polish).  Most were shite, except for Bolt (awww) and Kick-Ass.  Um, why has nobody told me to watch these already?  Too much fun for words.  I stopped using the kids as an excuse to watch animated films donkeys ago so judge me if you will, I’m not ashamed.  Bolt was lovely.  Then Kick-Ass.  Full of win.  It’s like it was made for me.  When new Wonder Woman disappoints me, I’m going to watch Kick-Ass again.

Now I’m going to listen to my inspiration song of the week.  Okay, of the only day I actually put an effort in – but still!

Spams and Scams

I don’t use Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads as much as I would like for a couple of reasons. 

  1. Time suckage.  ‘Nuff said.
  2. Pen name account.  No real friends to buzz off.
  3. #MM, #WW, #FF, #SS – I’m sorry, it’s too fooking much for me.
  4. Major spammage.

I mean, Holy Backfire Batman, what’s with the spamming?  The first and only thing you have to say to me is really going to be buy my awesome book/read my awesome blog/do something or other with my awesome whatchamacallit?  It’s gotten to the stage where I am scared shitless to interact with new people in case they take it as an invitation to spam the hell out of me.  It’s easier to stay away than be bombarded.

Is it madness that I expect more than instant-constant spam?  People can’t blame it all on indies either, pleeeeenty of bigger names do it too.  One particularly annoying individual is doing really well – but I will never, ever, nevereverneverever buy the git’s book because he spams me everywhere I go.  Facebook, Goodreads, Twitter, I’m afraid he’s going to pop up in my kitchen next.  I’m still a sullen teenager inside, tell me what to do and I will probably do the opposite. 

I have a low tolerance for spam, it actually enrages me.  I know, what doesn’t?  But this is particularly heinous.  It is.  Stop wasting time spamming me, go write a freaking book or something.  *Deep breath* 

Next thing.  Charity scams.  Oh, come on!  I think it’s amazingly fantastically great when someone decides to donate their time or money to a charity but don’t run around the Internet making everyone feel guilty for not publicly (oh my days I forgot that first L originally) doing the same – especially when your so-called charity is all vague and unnamed and enigmatically surrounded by dense fog.  I don’t know you, I don’t trust you, so no, I’m not going to send you any money to send to a charity to send to a worthy cause.  I’m not going to say I’m donating my earnings to charity, even if you call me out by name online.  If I donate, I donate anonymously in my own time, mind ya business puh-leaze.

No, seriously, fair dues to anyone working on behalf of a charity but I am sceptical by nature (and experience) so I’ll smile and move on, thank you muchly.  Yes, I know exactly what happened in Japan but don’t forget charities need donations ALL the time, not just when a disaster strikes and really, what I do is none of your business.   You might not be running a charity scam, but plenty of others are so you probably need to name the charity and prove your donations actually made it there or you could look like an extra helping of dodgy.  There have been way too many random charity gigs with an entire lack of details sprouting up on fora this year.  It’s unseemly pplz.  Organise it like a professional or not at all.  Don’t screw the charities with half-arsed-ness.

Aaaand, is done.  Poor spellcheck despises the way I blog.  Sowwy.  😀


It’s around 1am and I’m in bed, only my 2 year old decided it was time to get up and eh-der-die.  Translation: exercise.  At 1am.  I’m all, no, actually, it’s bedtime.  His response is to pick up random objects around my room and ask what they are, knowing I can’t resist answering.  It’s an automatic response.  Now his twin is awake and thinks it’s colouring time.  Awesome.  I wish they would give me a lend of their energy. 

The exercising twin had a bath before bedtime but decided to get up and put on a couple of layers of dirty clothing and odd shoes.  He looks like a chubby straight to tv hobo most of the time.  He doesn’t appreciate clean clothes and likes to wear duffle coats in the house, even when the others are running around in shorts.  I’m not really sure what to do with that, I kind of appreciate his independence and creative dressing, even if he can’t wear matching shoes.  He likes hanging out in the dog’s bed too.  And his nails are currently painted sparkly red.  He likes to live life randomly.  Anyway, I’m blogging because if I bore the twins enough, they’ll wander back into bed without any crying or waking of the baby or destroying of my wardrobe/drawers/makeup.

I have my hair in pigtails right now because it’s really hot and my hair is cut in a shortish bob so a ponytail just isn’t cutting it.  I know I look ridiculous but I probably didn’t need my OH to tell me I look like some kind of weird porn star.  Thanks hon.  Thanks a whole bunch.  I’m not getting any work done but I’ve decided to man up and go back to basics with paper and pen tomorrow and sort out the editing fiasco once and for all.  My OH searched the whole house for the missing notes and they’ve completely disappeared so I think the colouring twin probably cleaned them up.  By ripping them out of my folder and throwing them in the bin.  (He’s also the one who scratched the screen of my beautiful two day old Kindle.  I’m not sure what exactly it is he’s punishing me for but I’m so, so sorry!)  I stressed about it earlier because I didn’t want to face starting over but screw it, it has to be done.  The longer I leave it, the harder it will be.

Now I’m off to listen to some Travis, outsmart two year old twins and maybe get some writing done.  Wish me luck.  🙂

ROW80 Round 2 – First Check-in

Check-in:  First day of ROW80, nothing.  Yesterday, very little.   Ah, well.  Today is a new day.  🙂   Visit the other check-iners here.  If you decide to join in late, feel free to hop in at any check-in. 

First check-in, woo.  My woo is not entirely enthusiastic, but only because I have been sick for all eternity.  Okay, a week, but still.  I don’t deal well with illness and I’m a biatch to be around when I’m under the weather so the internet may thank me for staying away.  Mostly.  I moved to wordpress, had some nonsensical conversations, and did nothing remotely related to writing. 

I didn’t even finish that Taunt edit, btw.  I’ve scheduled it in for a “real” edit, but the earliest available slot was near the end of June so the urgency has kind of fallen away.  Anyway, I’ll finish that in the next week and move on to whatever it is I’m supposed to be editing this round.  *Serious goal confusion*  I might have finished it already if somebody didn’t manage to lose half of my editing notes.  Just saying.  😉

Officially working on Tempt now, which is exciting.  For me.  I can’t tell you how much I enjoy that world, it’s everything I’ve wanted to read about for years.  Don’t worry, I know how that sounds.  I think I’ll take a break from Ava when the third book is written, mostly because the next few books will be hard for me to write.  I’m quite attached to the characters and the road gets rocky.  It kind of breaks my heart a little to know what’s coming, is that odd?  Funny thing is, the bits that make me sad are the ones I’ve known about since writing the first book.  Never mind, it’s definitely odd.  😀

Last night the littlest one decided bedtime should be at 5am so I’m a little wiped but determined to get something done today.  🙂  It’s a nice sunny day here in Dublin, hope everyone else is having a great week.