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Taken – Ava Delaney #4

It’s been months since Ava fooled the British vampires and dealt with Becca for good, but although life has been easier, it’s not without its problems. Her deal with the twins is physically harming her, Peter’s grasp on his sanity is tentative to say the least, Carl is struggling, and Esther is losing her edge.

Ava’s been asking too many questions in an attempt to fulfil her various deals, but her persistence turns out to be the biggest problem. She’s not the only one asking questions, but somebody wants her to stop, and finding out who’s in charge is a lot harder than taking care of her new houseguest.

To survive, on her own terms, Ava must take control of her own destiny for a change. That might involve swallowing her pride and accepting help from those she doesn’t trust because there are new foes on the horizon, and the number of people needing her protection keeps on increasing.

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  1. I love the Ava Delaney series I’m obsessed I can’t wait till the next book comes out.

  2. Also I thought it might be interesting if Ava married Peter (or someone else whoever you think suits best) and had a family.
    Just a suggestion.

  3. When will book 5 be coming out?

  4. I absolutely love the Ava series. I couldn’t put them down. Just finished Taken and can’t wait for the next book. Awesome job and very well written. You have definitely become one of my favorite writers!!!!

  5. i am loving the ava delaney series! im so excited for book 5. is there any way i would be able to pre order it on my kindle

  6. okay so i know that ava and peter are going to be together but for some reason i really want ava to be with shay!!!! oh well

  7. Hey there, Claire!

    I just purchased Taken, again, for my newly bought Kindle HD… gotta love our US government when it comes time to deliver our taxes back to the people! I am going to re-read the first three Ava books, though, before I attempt to read this last one…..or at least skim through them. I want the complete knowledge of what is going on in the story line, before I begin again. I remember how much I adored this series and Don’t want to miss a thing!

    Congratulations on your Cursed series! I see you’re hanging with the big boys now, I told you that you were a terrific writer! So far I have all your work, except the last two books in Cursed, and recommend you to everyone

    I hope this short note finds you and yours in good spirits and health, I bet the kiddos are getting bigger and still driving you nutszoid?!

    Best Wishes,


  8. From the day I downloaded Thirst for free, I have been hooked on this series!!! I just now finished Taken and I was left just wanting more! Your books are so beautifully written and so engaging that you have to kind of think how everything connects with everything else! I can’t wait for book 5!!:)

  9. I looooiiive your series!! Ava delaney as well as cursed!! Can’t wait until the fifth book comes out!! I couldn’t put any of the books down!

  10. Christina Hall

    Aaaaahhhhh!!!! Love where you have taken Miss Delaney! Sorry it took so long to get back to you, college, education, and professors have been eating up my reading time! Taken was fantastic, looking forward to purchasing whatever comes next! Awesome job, Claire, really great work! 🙂 Glad to hear everyone’s we’ll….


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