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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Beta Readers for Tempt

I’m sending out emails in the next few days to my list of potential beta readers.  If I haven’t contacted you (or if you haven’t signed up) by the weekend, then feel free to contact me.  I know some people might be busy now or holding out for a different book, and that’s completely fine.  If you don’t want to receive beta emails any more, then let me know.  🙂

I’ll be sending out a draft of Tempt (Ava Delaney #3) at the end of the month and need them back by the end of September.  I’ll also need beta readers for Clarity (Cursed #2) in October/November.  There have been a lot of horror beta reading related stories going around lately, so I thought I would post here about what I expect from betas, and what they can expect from me.

All betas have different “skills” so they’re all useful in different ways.  That’s why writers like to have more than one with each book.  Some are amazing at pointing out continuity errors, if something isn’t clear, if they feel like a portion of text is repetitive/boring/unnecessary, or even pointing out typos and confusing Irishisms.  General feedback is as important as the little details so any kind of comments after reading the manuscript are welcome.  It’s always comforting to know what works, and it’s especially useful to know what doesn’t.

If I don’t hear back from betas then I assume they aren’t interested anymore or life got in the way, I don’t hound people after the fact.  I take feedback from betas very seriously, and consider all of it, but I might not use all of it, or I might wait and run it by the editor before I use it.  I definitely won’t be offended by negative comments, so please don’t be offended if I don’t follow some of your advice.  I would never think badly of a person for disliking the book, and I would never blog or comment about private feedback without a person’s permission.  There are no stupid questions or comments, and I appreciate and value the thoughts of anyone willing to take the time to help me.

The one thing I expect from betas is discretion.  Please do not share or upload any or all of the unreleased book without my permission.  It’s not cool.  Sometimes I might save reveals or plotlines for a later book instead, please don’t spoiler the secrets.  😉

I hope that didn’t suck all of the fun out of the process.  😀  And I really hope at least some of you are still available.  Back to editing for me!