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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Oh, the Tangents

Excuse this post, it’s all over the camp.  A little like my tiny mind.

First, a wee update on where I am with editing and book releases because I’m getting a lot of questions.  (I don’t mind the questions!)  I’ll be updating the blog about it soon so the info is clear.  I now have a definite slot for Clarity booked in March, and a slot for Taken booked in July, so I’ll probably need beta readers in January and maybe May, then hopefully the releases will be March/early April and August for those two books.  Warning, warning, as soon as I say anything, the universe decides to throw up a bump in the path, but I think we’ll be on track even if anything major happens.  *Learns her lessons and is being extra careful*

I know it’s a while to wait, and I’m really sorry about that, but I’ve a lot of catching up to do, I still need to work on other material, and I don’t want to rush these books.  Plus, I’m currently cutting a character from Clarity (which takes fureva), and I’d like less time between the release of the final book and the second book because of the ending of Clarity.  Just trust me.  😀  To make up for all of the extra waiting on Clarity, I may have a little related somethin’ somethin’ available around the same time, but we shall see!

Now for the pet stuff.  🙂  I’m a bag of nerves this weekend because someone reckons they’ve seen our cat.  He’s been missing since the summer, so I’m hoping hoping hoping it’s him, and we’ll have him home soon.  I had just given up hope on him ever getting back to us, so I’m trying not to get too excited.  Cross your fingers for me.  What’s weird is that, earlier this week, I saw a picture on a lost and found forum of a female cat that was pretty identical to him, so he’s been on my mind a lot this past week even before this new possible sighting.

And in a bizarre quirk of timing, I kind of got the unlikely opportunity this weekend to get my dream dog.  Now, don’t laugh.  Some people have dream jobs or dream holidays, I have dream dogs.  😀  These dogs are a Japanese breed, so they’re pretty hard to get in Ireland, but I’ve always loved them.  I mean, I love all dogs, but this kind is one of absolute favourites, and I’m always googling and youtubing the breed.  I’m weird that way.

Before we took in our big dog, we had the chance to buy an older one of these, but my dog needed a home badly, so we took her instead, knowing she wouldn’t be put down and that the money was going toward a rescue that needed funding which gave us plenty of warm & fuzzies.  All of our pets have been rescued or unwanted animals that we’ve taken in for one reason or another, but sometimes I wish we could pick a pup for a change.  One that’s been socialised and well looked after.  😀  Sadly, dream dog will probably always be a dream dog due to a lack of money and space, but it’s always nice to have a dream.  And, em, adopting rescues FTW.

As for NaNoWriMo, can blog posts count toward word counts?  No?  Really?  I am actually working, but in a way that makes it really hard to keep track of word counts, so I’ve been underestimating.  I’ll be clearing my plate very soon, so I’ll grab a few pure rough draft days next week that should catch me up.

And as much as I enjoy Nick Cave’s creepy voice, I wish would seriously stop playing Henry Lee to me so freaking often.  It’s getting weird now.  This week, I can’t get enough of:


New Interview, New Laptop

Sooooo, my laptop crapped out for good this time, and in a complicated yet stupid way temporarily lost me Clarity and Purity (and another little somethin’, somethin’ I was in the middle of).  I can get it back though, so I’m not freaking out, but I had to bite the bullet and get a cute and cheap little (purple, oh yeah) laptop to tide me over.  Typing on it is quite pleasant, so here’s hoping I catch up on the NaNoWriMo stakes.  I’m letting Dublin down in the word war right now.  🙂

New interview on Have a Hoot, Read a Book.  I can’t read it back for cringing – this is why I avoid interviews like the plague – but I’ll share my uber-waffling lameness with the world anyway.  😀  Check out the rest of the site if you visit, it’s nice.  I wish I had the time for forums, not enough hours in the day anymore.  Super super super busy at the moment, partly because the kids have been on their midterm break.  (OMFG, how do people home-school and keep their minds in the process?)  It’s the time of year when it feels hard to catch your breath, there’s so much to do.

Stay well, wish me some spare writing time.  😀

It’s Aliiive

Soooo… Tempt is now live on Smashwords, Amazon US, and Amazon UK.  Sadly, I have no clue when it will find its way to Barnes & Noble or the iBookstore, but I hope it doesn’t take quite as long as Tempt did.

Earlier, I discovered an embarrassingly massive Facebook Fail.  I found a crapton of unread messages that weren’t under the messages tab.  So… if you’ve sent me a message there, and I haven’t replied, it’s because I’m unbelievably stupid.  *Red face*

I haven’t started NaNoWriMo yet (I swear I will after this post), but if you want to buddy up, feel free.  #DubNaNo is the hashtag for all of us Dubs btw.

I wish I could post Halloween pictures, my little twin ninjas kicked ass.  I think around forty kids knocked within the same half hour, other than that bit of traffic it was like a ghost town around here.  Hope you all had fun!