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Quicker Than Quick


Currently watching my two-year-old trying to pin up her hair with a peg. o_O

Anyway, just a quick post. Death is a Gift is now available on B&N, Kobo, and the various iBookstores, so I’ll leave the sale price as is until next weekend. (Although, it could take a week for the price to actually change everywhere).

Sent Traitor off to my editor which ends what seemed like a never-ending deadline of deadlines this year. Never again will I arrange such a long schedule of non-stop editing. That way lies madness, and my brain is tired.

In good news: our car is back and fixed and running and working and not breaking down in the middle of motorways. And it wasn’t as expensive as first predicted which is just… thank you, good karma, I’ve missed you.

In great news: April 2013, the Farrell Family’s Unluckiest Month Ever is almost over. (That does not count as jinxing myself, universe).

In better news: Game. Of. Thrones. (Tomorrow).

In best news: New baby in the family! (Was going to make a kidnapping joke, but if people keep taking me so seriously, I’m going to get myself arrested, and the weird internet history on my laptop probably won’t help. At all).

Okay, so it was a quick post for me. Have a great week!